While there are plenty of streaming content providers doing business today, Netflix is still considered the pioneer of the industry and the gold standard. They pretty much saw a need, created a market and fulfilled the need. And all the while, they have managed to stay on top and to become a household name. In the beginning, Netflix was a mail delivered movie rental company. It began to drive traditional VHS/DVD rental companies out of business. Then Netflix started streaming movies, shows, documentaries and other content. That is when the game changes forever. These days Netflix is in a spot that a lot of other companies envy, but it does face challenges down the road.
To handle some of its unique challenges, Netflix has reduced its U.S. catalog due to content rights becoming more expensive. But at the same time, the company has purchased the rights to international content, in order to provide its subscribers around the world with new content. They have also started funding their own original series; much to the delight of their huge base of existing and brand new subscribers.
Knowing where Netflix is heading is nice, but knowing what its customer-base thinks about its future is really eye-opening. A survey was conducted that asked 3,000 people about their thoughts about Netflix and how it compares to other entertainment content providers.
The Epic Battle of Netflix vs. Pay Television
Cable and satellite TV providers have long had a stranglehold on the viewing market. And even though Netflix offers people the ability to cut the cord with traditional programming packages for good, there are still plenty of Netflix subscribers who still use traditional pay TV. It might seem like traditional pay television is Netflix’s biggest competition. However, the CEO of Netflix said that other streaming service providers, like HBO, are the biggest threat to this still-growing empire. That’s all well and good, but Netflix users do not agree with this statement. In fact, they see cable TV and Netflix as being diametrically opposed with one another. And these folks believe that Netflix will ultimately come out on top.
Will Netflix Kill Off Traditional TV?
People who have ditched cable or DirecTV in favor of Netflix often wind up saving a lot of money every month. With traditional TV packages often costing nearly $100 a month, and people often only using a fraction of the channels they get, it is easy to understand why the financial incentive of choosing Netflix is driving people to get rid of cable once and for all. Some people think that there’s no way Netflix will totally eliminate traditional TV programming, because of sports, local news broadcasts and other live forms of entertainment/information that people still adhere to. If we remember back to the beginning of Netflix, it was a company that simply delivered rental DVDs by mail. Now it has morphed into a streaming content giant. There is no saying that as the marketplace changes that Netflix – or some other streaming content provider – will not become the streaming source for the type of live programming that people enjoy.
Regardless of whether you think Netflix will destroy cable and traditional TV, if you are looking to save money and don’t feel like you really get your money’s worth out of your old-school cable package, it may be time to cut the cord and switch over to a streaming content provider to get access to your favorite programming and movies. In the future, we may well find that we live in a world where cable companies are yesterday’s news, and streaming providers are the top dogs.

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